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Welcome to the future of Crypto Trading

Capfolio Real Time Trading Platform Overview Screen

Capfolio is a next generation Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with an all-in-one solution for beginner, intermediate and advanced cryptocurrency traders. You can test out the crypto markets, clone leaders, or build a sophisticated trading algorithm. 

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One Platform to Rule Them All! lets you go next level crypto.


Looking for a secure, low-latency, institutional quality platform? From data gathering and signal tracking, through backtesting and strategy development, to automated trading – investing in cryptocurrencies requires a wide range of tools. Capfolio was built by crypto traders for crypto traders of all levels because we believe everyone should have access to the cryptocurrency markets. 

Screenshot of Capfolio's automated trading platform

Automated Trading

Trade across exchanges and automate with millisecond latency. With custom allocations, buy low sell high never miss a trade opportunity.

Screenshot of Capfolio's cryptocurrency Social Trading feature

Social Trading - Track & Clone Pros

Participate in the leaderboard program. Follow high performing leaders and either track or auto-clone them. Contributing leaders can share allocation strategies and earn extra income.

Screenshot of Capfolio's backtesting allocation panel

Backtesting Allocations

Experiment with your allocations to see which strategies provide the best returns. makes backtesting easy. No need for complex programming or in-depth statistical knowledge. Just choose the asset allocation, setup basic automation rules and come up with the perfect strategy to construct your portfolio and maximize your returns.

Screenshot of Capfolio's Research panel

Research - News, Analysis and Market Sentiment

We gather news from hundreds of sources, categorize them, and run them through AI and Machine learning algorithms to provide sentiment scores that help you make better decisions in building your strategy. Tweets and Reddit data are also provided. We are constantly learning from this data to provide AI-driven trading strategies in the future.

Screenshot of Capfolio's manual trading tab with advanced chats of all cryptocurrency exchanges

Manual Trading with Advanced Charts across all Exchanges

We provide microsecond-latency trading for executing manual trades across exchanges. Quotes, trades and account updates are all streamed real-time without ever having the refresh the browser window. Advanced charts, Trade history and a calculator that helps users calculate buy and sell amounts in terms of Fiat currency.

Security is Our #1 Priority! always keeps security in mind.


All API keys are securely encrypted and stored using Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) which are FIPS 140-2 validated. Encryption keys are automatically rotated on a regular basis to further protect the confidentiality of your API keys. Furthermore, only requires the “Read” and “Trade” access, so your funds cannot be removed from the exchange. You will not be able to link an exchange on if you allow “Transfer” access.

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